The Importance of Correct Nutrition

There is no point working out everyday only to go pig out on fast food or takeaway at every chance you get, nutrition plays a very vital key in achieving the bangin’ body you desire.You can spend hours at the gym sweating it out, but if you don’t eat the right foods you won’t see the benefits.If you don’t eat the right foods you will not achieve your goal body it is as simple as that. Everything you put in your mouth becomes part of you, literally. You can’t expect to look a million dollars if you don’t make good food choices, unfortunately it will catch up with you. Correct nutrition will allow your body to function properly.CONSEQUENCES OF POOR NUTRITION• Inadequate nutrition will impede your muscle growth;
• Inadequate nutrition or improper nutrition will stop you from losing fat;
• Poor nutrition slows metabolism and increases fat stores;
• Poor nutrition lowers energy levels and in turn motivation toward exercise;
• Poor nutrition leads to bad skin and blemishes; and
• Proper nutrition allows your organs and body to function correctly.The three keys to correct nutrition1. Eat fresh. Forget almost everything that comes in a box or a packet, and just stick to the fresh food isle at the supermarket (or better yet go straight to your local farmers market);
2. Eat small portions regularly. This keeps your metabolism firing and also keeps you feeling satisfied (and therefore not reaching for the easiest and most convenient food); and
3. Be prepared. Meal prep will ensure that you always have fresh, healthy meals on hand when you are hungry.CASE STUDYStudies undertaken by Dr. T Colin Campbell in the China Study reveal that correct nutrition, in this case in particular plant based nutrition, not only has a positive effect on your overall health right now, but will have a positive effect on your long term health, including even reversing or minimising debilitating diseases such as diabetes, arthritis.Use the Correct FuelHaving incorrect nutrition is like putting diesel in a petrol car and expecting it to run smoothly and get to your destination, it just won’t happen. Fuel your body properly and you will get to your destination smoothly!Everything in food works together to create health or disease. The more we think that a single chemical characterizes a whole food, the more we stray into idiocy.” – Dr. T. Colin Campbell